Wake UPP (United People Power)

            Scream it out loud:    Wake Up!


Wake Up to what is happening in the world. No longer can ordinary people stand by quietly. We need Peaceful but loud calls for people to Wake Up. Wake Up to the fact that we are losing the battle against the Corporations, Governments and other Powerful Entities. Wake up to the fact that our children are being discarded and abused. Wake up to the fact that our environment is dying. Wake Up to the fact that our society is becoming more and more numb and dumb. Wake up to an issue, any issue that you want to be a part in changing for the better.

Once you WAKE UP, you can then go to sleep. But WAKE UP we must!!! 

There is also much good that is out there and this must never be understated. The problem is that there is more greed than ever and greed kills the good in people. So do your best to find a cause and run with it. We are not anti Government or anti Business but the time has come to change the playing field and show the big guys we will not go to sleep. We will WAKE UP....

Thanks for visiting and please send us your stories and pictures of your Waking Up in action.